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maximising financial returns for digital creators.

Oriana Press – better for youbetter for your brand and your community.

Oriana Press is a creator-focused publisher dedicated to empowering creators and redefining the publishing landscape. At Oriana Press we are passionate about bridging the gap between traditional book publishing and the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Our mission is to empower digital creators by maximising their financial returns from published works.

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Andy Cooks

Oriana Press – the publisher that’s breaking the rules.

Our business model is a little different. We’ve built a publishing model for the creator economy that gives back control to creators and maximises financial returns. We create and publish cookbooks in a way that’s better for you, better for your brand and your community. We work with some of the best photographers, stylists and food editors to create, publish and distribute your cookbook. We’ll help you engage your community to sell copies, direct to consumer.

We believe traditional publishing models are outdated – they use multiple parties taking a share and don’t maximise your returns from your community. By working with us, you’ll get a team of professionals who are experienced in the creator economy, and a publishing model that works for you. That means more profit and bigger royalties that go straight to your pocket – no people in the middle taking their slice of the pie. By listing on CookDineHost, the marketplace for premium food & lifestyle products, you’ll reach new audiences and associate with other popular creators and brands.

And in partnership, we continue to provide ongoing support to help your brand and business thrive.


We collaborate with like-minded creators on beautiful books that make an impact. We work with you to understand your vision, harness your creativity, and develop a tailored publishing outcome that aligns with your goals.


We harness the power of your audience and help you unlock a revenue stream within your community. You leverage our thriving creative community and shopfront of top tier creators. 


We maximise the financial return for you and your brand through books that are sold directly to your consumers. An ongoing revenue stream, enabling you to put back into your content and business. 

We invest in outstanding creators who have engaged audiences across their social media channels. If that sounds like you, then let’s talk.